MIND is a Nigerian non-profit organisation that seeks to strengthen the public voices of groups who rarely have a chance to air their views in public - including women and girls. We equip them with research tools to examine their own situation, and give them access to media skills and platforms to share their perspectives. 


Our bottom-up media outputs are used to spark public dialogue on issues of social exclusion and marginalisation. 





Violence Against Children

MIND produced 3 short films for UNICEF Nigeria that call for action to end violence against children. The films will be used as advocacy tools throughout Nigeria's Year of Action to End Violence Against Children. Watch and share the films below (3 to 5 min each) - and join UNICEF's campaign!


Emotional Violence: Words Can Build, Words Can Break

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Sexual Violence: How Many More Children Will Have To Cope In Silence?

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Physical Violence: Don't We Want Our Children To Flourish?

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Film Award

Our grassroots-driven film Daughters of the Niger Delta won Al Jazeera's New Horizon Award. It's the film's 5th international award. Our crew is thrilled, honoured, and grateful to AIDFF!

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