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Documentary (55 min)

Daughters of the Niger Delta is an intimate film portrait of three ordinary women in the Niger Delta who manage to make ends meet against all odds. As their personal stories unfold, we come to see that the environmental pollution in their backyard is not the only human rights violation affecting their lives. Rather than repeating the usual media stories about oil outputs, conflict, and kidnapping, Daughters of the Niger Delta focuses on the strength and resilience of three everyday heroines who overcome hardship and give their children hope for a better future. Women may be the best captains to navigate the Niger Delta out of its troubled waters – if only they would get the chance.

The Makers

Daughters of the Niger Delta was filmed by 9 young women from the Niger Delta (Bayelsa State, Delta State & Rivers State). They were trained in filmmaking as part of MIND’s previous FEMSCRIPT project. As part of FEMSCRIPT, they produced nine short films divised to be used as local sensitisation tools. However, the messages seemed important enough to be shared with a wider audience. Thanks to a grant from the German Embassy, the makers were able to collect additional footage and produce Daughters of the Niger Delta


Daughters of the Niger Delta has powerfully drawn public attention to the human rights situation of women in the Niger Delta. The film has been displayed at film festivals across the world, and received rave press reviews and multiple film awards in Nigeria and abroad.  

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