March - Sept 2014


Voices for Change (V4C)/ UkAid

Project Description

How can a government ensure that its budgets will benefit women and girls? And why is this good for the wider society? If you are keen to know please watch MIND's film GWIN: A Gender Mainstreaming Pilot.

Growing Girls and Women in Nigeria (GWIN)

GWIN is a gender budgeting initiative coordinated by Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Finance. It aims to integrate tangible results for girls and women in the annual budgets of Ministerial Departments. The pilot phase is implemented by five ministries: Agriculture, Communications Technology, Health, Water Resources, and Works. The Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development monitors the implementation.

Filming the First Results

From April to July 2014, MIND’s all-female film crew traveled across Nigeria  capture the first results of GWIN on film, vising project sites and interviewing all kinds of stakeholders: from beneficiaries to Federal Ministers.

The resulting films were displayed at a range of international platforms including the World Bank Spring Meetings in Washington DC (April 2014), the African Development Bank (October 2014), and the World Economic Forum on Africa (May 2014).

The responses were highly enthusiastic. A World Bank-supported Community of Practice was established by finance ministers from across the world, who are keen to replicate the budget mainstreaming practices as piloted in GWIN.

Short Films

Besides the 20-min film 'GWIN: A Gender Mainstreaming Pilot', MIND's crew also produced three short clips about (3-4 min each) about the GWIN activities of individual Ministries. These can be watched here:


GWIN Vimeo Cover Image