June-Oct 2014


Voices for Change (V4C)/ UkAid

Project Description

From June to August, MIND conducted a Radio Capacity Assessment under the flag of the UK Aid-funded umbrella programme ‘Voices for Change (V4C)’. The assessment was enrolled in in 9 radio stations across V4C’s 4 intervention states (Kaduna, Kano, Enugu, and Lagos). It is meant to form the foundation for a tailor-made Capacity Building Strategy to be enrolled over the next year. The strategy will be geared towards mainstreaming enabling gender norms in existing radio programmes, and enhancing the inclusiveness, interactivity, and educational content of popular radio programmes.


V4C seeks to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in Nigeria by creating a strengthened enabling environment. The programme aims to transform prevailing social norms (around masculinity and femininity) that hinder adolescent girls and women to become what they want to be. Radio will be used as a primary communication channel to this end. Besides a 10-minute radio drama to be aired in V4C’s 4 intervention states, V4C aims to build the capacity of practicing radio makers to facilitate constructive dialogues around gender stereotypes. MIND was brought in to design and implement a strategy for the latter.


V4C radio pic2