June - September 2013


European Union (EU)

Project Summary

'Tomorrow is a New Day' is an EU-funded project that aims to strengthen mechanisms for community conflict resolution and reintegration of ex-militants in seven communities in the Niger Delta (Rivers State, Delta State, and Bayelsa State). The project is coordinated by Search for Common Ground (SFCG) and implemented by a coalition of partners. MIND enrolled the following activities as part of ‘Tomorrow is a New Day’:

  •     Film: Beyond Amnesty

In July 2013, MIND produced the film 'Beyond Amnesty'. This short film (30 min) focuses on the conflict experiences of people from different backgrounds in the 'Tomorrow is a New Day' project states: former freedom fighters, parents of a rape victim, traditional chiefs, and people who lost their relatives in times of conflict. The film encourages people to think about steps to be undertaken to retain the current fragile peace in their communities. Returning to a life of normalcy – even if one genuinely desires to - isn’t always easy given the scars of violence and the need for reconciliation between parties that each have their own injuries. Especially at the backdrop of injustices that no one can tackle alone…

Rather than giving pre-fixed answers, 'Beyond Amnesty' challenges viewers to think about their own steps forward. The film is used in the TND project communities to spark dialogues on issues of recovery, healing, and conflict transformation.

  •     Facilitation Training: Dialogue Techniques

In May 2013, MIND trained staff members of SFCG and TND’s implementing partners in tools and techniques to engage community members in Video Dialogues. The training focused on non-adversary ways of facilitating public dialogue based on short films produced by MIND (see below). After the training, the trainees jointly facilitated 120 Video Dialogues in the TND project sites and neigbouring communities.

  •     Video Dialogues

From June to September 2013, MIND and its project partner Face Initiative facilitated 60 Video Dialogues in TND project sites and neighbouring communities based on MIND’s documentary film Daughters of the Niger Delta. The large audience numbers and passionate viewer responses were highly encouraging. Viewers indicated that the film helped to shed new light on themselves and their situation, and were keen to look for solutions.

TND's implementing partners SDN, LITE, and CEHRD jointly facilitated another 120 Video Dialogues in the TND project sites and neigbouring communities based on MIND's short films Beyond Amnesty (30 min), Lost Livelihoods (12 min), Widowhood Challenges (10 min), Maternal Struggles (10 min), and Life’s Essential (8.5 min).

TND Odi screening