Violence Against Children 



Films for UNICEF

In 2015/ 2016, MIND produced a range of films for UNICEF Nigeria in support of the Presidential Launch of the campaign End Violence Against Children by 2030. The films are being used as sensitisation and advocacy tools across Nigeria by UNICEF, federal and state governments, and civil society partners.

Watch and share the films below - and join UNICEF's campaign!

Hidden Scars

Hidden Scars dvd front

The documentary film 'Hidden Scars' features the gripping stories of children across Nigeria who survived different forms of violence - including sexual, physical, and emotional violence. Watch and share our 12-minute documentary: Hidden Scars

Emotional Violence: Words Can Build, Words Can Break

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Like John in this film, millions of children in Nigeria suffer emotional violence from their parents, caregivers or adult relatives. Watch and share our 5-minute animation clip: Words can build, words can break.

Sexual Violence

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One out of every 4 girls and 1 out of every 10 boys in Nigeria is subjected to sexual violence before they turn 18. Most of them are left to cope alone. Watch and share this 3-min doc: How many more children will have to cope in silence?

Physical Violence

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Half of Nigeria’s children are exposed to physical violence before they turn 18. The physical injuries may heal, but the inner wounds inflicted by violence can damage a child’s long-term development. Watch and share our 2-minute animation: Don't we want our children to flourish?

Survey Launch

The above films were viewed by thousands of people at the launch of Nigeria's nationwide survey on violence against children (International Conference Centre, Abuja, September, 2015), the Launch of the Presidential Campaign End Violence Against Children by 2030 (Presidential Villa, Abuja, December 2016) and six State Launches across the country. 

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