Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nigeria.

Project Description

WATCH (Women's Advocacy Through Cinema & Human Exchange) is a participatory research and media project that advocates for the rights of women and girls in the fast-expanding settlements for the urban poor surrounding Nigeria’s capital city Abuja. The project seeks to draw public attention to the alarming rise in Nigeria’s urban poverty levels over the past decades, focusing particularly on the rights of women and girls who tend to be hit hardest by the negative outgrowths of urbanisation.


Gender & Urban Poverty

Through a whirling multi-media campaign, WATCH will give urban poverty a human face. The project will highlight the human rights implications of urban poverty through the stories of women and girls, who tend to be at the bottom of the heap. Rather than speaking and advocating on behalf of women, WATCH will empower them to speak out for themselves. They will be enabled to share their stories through radio, film, and press/social media. Their media outputs will be merged into an interactive campaign to set urban poverty on the public agenda in the run towards Nigeria’s 2015 national elections.

Project Activities

WATCH includes the following activities:

  • Travelling Film Festival: Mobile cinema that gives people in low-income neighbourhoods access to high-quality films to spark bottom-up dialogues on gender and urban poverty.
  • Media & Civil Society Training: Long-term Action Learning Trajectories for media and civil society professionals defending the rights of the urban poor.
  • Multi-Media Campaign: Advocacy campaign using the outputs of the above-listed project components to create multi-level buzz through various media platforms.
  • Documentary Production: Film production capturing the personal stories of people living in gender and urban poverty, highlighting the strength displayed by the capital city's 'unsung' heroines to overcome day-to-day challenges.

Press Release

Why does WATCH focus on gender and urban poverty in the FCT? This press release, issued on the occasion of the WATCH Project Launch, explains why. For updates on the project activities see our Facebook page.