The following components recur in all MIND's participatory media activities - no matter whether we deal with filmdrama, or social media

Participatory Research

All MIND's media productions are founded on participatory research. We don't just gather information about the groups whose public voices we aim to strengthen; we enable them to collate and analyse their own research data. MIND's praticipatory research toolkit includes a wide range of tools for interactive data gathering at community level and collective analysis. Peer participation in the research stage strengthens the power and validity of media messages: research findings can be mirrired to first-hand experiences. 

Gender & Women’s Empowerment

Gender and women's empowerment are core focus points in all MIND's participatory media activities. MIND's trainers can tap into a highly participatory gender capacity building curriculum that is continuously tested and amended to local contexts. Our gender experts have built up a whealth of experience in assessing the gender impact of development initiatives and enhance their women inclusiveness. MIND's experts are available at request to deliver gender capacity building services. 

Dialogue & Communication Skills

MIND's participatory media trainees are equipped with dialogue and communication skills that are applicable in multiple contexts. They learn how to analyse the content, structure, and proces of communication streams, and are familiarised with the principles of non-adversary communication. Through hands-on exercises they are trained in active listening and questioning techniques. 


Odi woman speaking