“What really helped my learning was the constant practice of what we had been taught”

“The learning process really empowered me”

“The teaching methods made us to participate which helped the knowledge to stick faster in our brains”

“The trainers & training methodologies were very participatory & involving”.

“What really helped me growing was the FEMSCRIPT method of learning”

“I can now do things or dare things which I earlier would not have done”

“The group feedback sessions [from fellow participants and facilitators] were powerful learning moments”

“At the field I was able to practice all the skills I know I had acquired”

“The ‘do-it-yourself’ participatory techniques really worked and the video trainers were wonderful and always willing to help”

“I always felt like I was given so much chance until I understood”

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“Before the training I had my doubts about the drama method and how it would help us. But now I am sold. It puts community members in the driving seat and makes them think.”

“The hands-on teaching methods [...] removed the initial fear I had for handling the video camera”

“Before this training I did not believe I could handle a camera let alone operate one [...] I was really impressed by the fact that I could make a news item.”

“It was [...] an eye opener knowing how a film is made and the dynamics involved”

“Everyone was given the opportunity to practice every aspect of video-making [camerawork, sound techniques, directing/ interviewing]”.

“I really liked the session on non-verbal communication because it made me understand that without words we still are sending out signals”

“The practice and more practice [with the video & sound equipment] helped me to improve on my skills and learn not just the use of the camera and its accessories but also how to tell stories using images and the people in the images without my being there in the video”.

“Jointly looking back at each other’s video footage created room for feedback [...] and improvement of the trainees’ works”

“I learned from my own mistakes and from the mistakes of others”

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“I had always thought that data processing was difficult but MIND made it much more easier to learn”

“The fact that we were involved in all the steps [from research design to data gathering and processing] helped us to get good insight in the data and results produced.”

“The research fieldwork opened my eyes about issues that need improvement in my own community”

“The learning challenged my intellect which was really nice”

“It was very useful to hear all the participants’ solutions to the challenges they faced during their field research”

“The method for quantitative data processing we used in this training [Microsoft Excel] was really effective and quick”

“The facilities were good, we all had access to a computer system for the data processing.”

“This method [problem tree for analysing causes and effects] was very effective and in-depth. It encourages participation and deep analysis of issues and also fosters team work”

“We still are using many of the participtory research tools in our work - also the ones that made us think about power dynamics such as ‘passing the stick’ [feedback from participant 4 months after participatory research & video training]”

“There is a saying that anything planned well is worth doing well [feedback on research fieldwork assignment]”

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“Most of us taking part in the training did not realise how bad women’s work load is until we were asked to analyse it in this session”

“The human rights session was very enlightening. I was shocked to hear that the Nigerian constitution allows men to beat their wives”

“It opened my eyes to know that women actually have a lot of rights which they are not aware of (including me) and therefore are not enjoying”

“Using this cartoon [teaching aid on sexual violence] truly made it easy for me to talk with women in the field about sexual violence and analyse it”

“It opened my eyes to know that you can have access to resources without control [on session about gender division of power & resources]”

“This session [on domestic violence] made me see that many women suffering violence cannot talk/ speak out. I should develop myself to help them”

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“I want to commend MIND for their wonderful work, leadership, experience given to us, knowledge, care, and open mind to us all”

“MIND has given us knowledge and awareness at the same time”

“This programme has added to my profile and has improved my personal relationships with others. I hope MIND will continue in this good work”

“Being on this programme was something really, really wonderful. It exposed me to many cultural backgrounds [...], abuse of women’s rights, negligence by government, and corruption among people. Furthermore it educated me about the world we dwell, getting to know so many people, getting to interact and how to cope with other’s attitudes, going for fieldwork and coming back successfully despite challenges”.

“I really appreciate all MIND’s efforts to put this program together and make it flexible to support and optimise our learning”

“I want to say a BIG THANKS for this opportunity given to learn and participate in this research”

“You have given me your best and I also promise to give my best”

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Participant's Feedback