“Before the training I had my doubts about the drama method and how it would help us. But now I am sold. It puts community members in the driving seat and makes them think.”

“The hands-on teaching methods [...] removed the initial fear I had for handling the video camera”

“Before this training I did not believe I could handle a camera let alone operate one [...] I was really impressed by the fact that I could make a news item.”

“It was [...] an eye opener knowing how a film is made and the dynamics involved”

“Everyone was given the opportunity to practice every aspect of video-making [camerawork, sound techniques, directing/ interviewing]”.

“I really liked the session on non-verbal communication because it made me understand that without words we still are sending out signals”

“The practice and more practice [with the video & sound equipment] helped me to improve on my skills and learn not just the use of the camera and its accessories but also how to tell stories using images and the people in the images without my being there in the video”.

“Jointly looking back at each other’s video footage created room for feedback [...] and improvement of the trainees’ works”

“I learned from my own mistakes and from the mistakes of others”

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