“I had always thought that data processing was difficult but MIND made it much more easier to learn”

“The fact that we were involved in all the steps [from research design to data gathering and processing] helped us to get good insight in the data and results produced.”

“The research fieldwork opened my eyes about issues that need improvement in my own community”

“The learning challenged my intellect which was really nice”

“It was very useful to hear all the participants’ solutions to the challenges they faced during their field research”

“The method for quantitative data processing we used in this training [Microsoft Excel] was really effective and quick”

“The facilities were good, we all had access to a computer system for the data processing.”

“This method [problem tree for analysing causes and effects] was very effective and in-depth. It encourages participation and deep analysis of issues and also fosters team work”

“We still are using many of the participtory research tools in our work - also the ones that made us think about power dynamics such as ‘passing the stick’ [feedback from participant 4 months after participatory research & video training]”

“There is a saying that anything planned well is worth doing well [feedback on research fieldwork assignment]”

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