“I want to commend MIND for their wonderful work, leadership, experience given to us, knowledge, care, and open mind to us all”

“MIND has given us knowledge and awareness at the same time”

“This programme has added to my profile and has improved my personal relationships with others. I hope MIND will continue in this good work”

“Being on this programme was something really, really wonderful. It exposed me to many cultural backgrounds [...], abuse of women’s rights, negligence by government, and corruption among people. Furthermore it educated me about the world we dwell, getting to know so many people, getting to interact and how to cope with other’s attitudes, going for fieldwork and coming back successfully despite challenges”.

“I really appreciate all MIND’s efforts to put this program together and make it flexible to support and optimise our learning”

“I want to say a BIG THANKS for this opportunity given to learn and participate in this research”

“You have given me your best and I also promise to give my best”

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Participant's Feedback