Bogofanyo microphone

MIND equips marginalised groups in Nigeria - including women and girls - with media skills and techniques to strengthen their public voices. Rather than bringing in external media crews to document their stories, we enable people at the grassroots to frame their own media messages. Depending on context and preference, our capacity building activities focus on the following media:

MIND's participatory filmmakers teach marginalised groups how to capture their views and stories on film. Even people who never held a camera in their lives before can learn how to constructively use film as a medium to spark dialogue. MIND's curriculum consists of a series of hands-on exercises through which participants learn-while-doing.

MIND uses drama as a tool to strengthen the public voices of marginalised groups in society. Rather than bringing in external drama troupes with pre-fixed plays, MIND equips target group members with skills and techniques to frame their own stories and perform their own plays. The resulting drama productions are powerful tools to spark public dialogue, as the plays have been built by peers who know by experience where the shoe pinches most.

New social media are powerful tools to publicly share their perspectives. Our trainers provide participants with technical skills and social techniques to promote constructive and conflict sensitive digital exchange. They are specialised in non-adversary dialogue techniques. MIND's social media interventions focus on 'light' applications with a wide outreach capacity that can be easily used across Nigeria - even if people's phone/ internet connections are poor.